Empower your people with a digital relocation solution

Settly supports your employees by offering them a smooth personal relocation experience, access to a welcoming community, local experts, and events via our platform and app in a personal way.

Attract and retain top talent

Differentiate from the crowd by going the extra mile to attract and retain the best of the best in a highly competitive market.

Focus on your core business

Save valuable time and money by redirecting the endless stream of employee questions to our local experts 7 days a week.

Make a social impact

Give back to the community and city by having your employees participate in community events & charities.

We support your people every step of the way

Settly assists your employees throughout their relocation adventure. From their visa application and move, to finding a home, opening a bank account, and settling-in. We’re there for them every step of the way.

All your policies and communication in one system

We will integrate your policies, benefits, and communication seamlessly into our platform so your employees will always get the relevant information at the right time.

Act on insights and data

Understand your return on investment through Settly's transparent reporting - allowing you to build data-driven people strategies.

Boost your productivity

Allow your employees to focus on their new job and enjoy their new country by making their relocation experience simple, seamless, and stress-free.

We grow with you

Settly offers a scalable solution that allows your company to grow. Whether you’re expecting an increase in hiring or expanding to new cities and countries, Settly is there to support you and your people along the way.

Your satisfaction is our goal

We are expats too. We know what it is like to relocate to a new country. Making sure your employees are happy during and after the relocation process is our main goal. If you're happy, so are we.

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