Redefining the relocation experience for the new generation

Talent is on the move like never before and the new generation is getting younger every year, is exceedingly mobile, has different requirements and is more on demand. During the past 10+ years of working in this field across the world for start-ups, governments, and corporates, we noticed that the traditional approach to talent and relocation was no longer fitting the needs of today and tomorrow’s generation.

That’s why we started Settly, a digital relocation and expat services solution that supports your employees in a personal way and grows with you as your company grows. Settly connects your people to local experts, a welcoming community, relevant content, and events in a fun and cost-effective way wherever they go. Saving you time, so you can focus on your core business.

We believe in the power of community and giving back.

We believe that together we can achieve more, that everyone is unique and that by sharing and giving back, life becomes more meaningful.

We believe everyone deserves to feel at home

No matter where you come from, what you look like, believe in, gender you identify with or how much you earn.

We believe in doing the right thing, period; but especially when no one is watching.

We are value driven and believe that actions should be intrinsic and not based on whether the outside world is aware of them or not.

Get to know the people behind Settly


Co-founder & CEO

Raised by hippies and a traveller at heart, she lived across the globe working in HR and Tech leadership roles at Uber, Starbucks, PwC, Adecco/Nike. Loves new experiences, cultures and languages and believes in the power of community and giving back. Well, as long as she’s not on the squash court. Watch out world for her backhand!


Co-founder & CMO

Moved to Amsterdam 14 years ago and successfully founded two relocation companies (Expat Housing Network & Tenant Hub) Enjoys making people feel at home. Surfs, writes, skips breakfast but feasts at lunch. Must be his Caribbean heritage. Believes in taking accountability & being optimistic.


Founding Developer

Alongside being a rockstar developer, Diego is a passionate philosopher, skilled musician, composer and avid film fan with infinite respect for Kubrick’s work. He loves Amsterdam and how everything runs like clockwork. Originally from the Peruvian coasts, he has helped us to shape Settly from the get-go.


Product/UI/UX Designer

Born in Iran, Mehrnoosh moved to Amsterdam with her love pursuing a new lifestyle. She immediately fell in love with the vibrant atmosphere of Amsterdam and it’s fantastic architecture. She is passionate about User Experience Design and singing. Being an expat herself, her goal is to help bring the best experience possible for expats at Settly.


Client Success/Community

Born in Scotland, Jetta was originally a neuroscientist and has lived in New York, Paris and London. She loves to run, cycle, read psychology books and is a TV series fanatic. Her favourite thing is hanging out at the beach with her husband and two little ladies. So long as it’s not too hot (Scottish blood).


Ops/Marketing Intern

Never having lived abroad with her family she found moving to Amsterdam both exciting and challenging. Making the new city and country feel like home is now her 24/7 occupation (both at home and at Settly) and she's enjoying it to the fullest. She loves to crochet and is passionate about children’s books (she has 2 lovely children herself). With her experience as blogger and researcher she was the perfect match to join Settly to support with Marketing & Ops.


Frontend developer

Before joining our Development team life has brought Mary on a journey through Purchasing, Finance, Retail , Law and now Coding. Mary’s favourite thing about Amsterdam is the cycling culture and the ease that it brings to live here. Her advice to expats? If you’re going to be staying in Amsterdam for any length of time, learn some Dutch! It’s a good way you can get involved with the community, and feel like a local.


Sales representative

Born in the UK and raised internationally in Nepal, South Africa, Indonesia, Uganda and Kenya, George has a few exotic stories to tell! With a background in charity fundraising, recruitment and non-profit work George comes from an eclectic background and is very excited to be streamlining our sales process. He loves all things travel with a passion for Scuba Diving, Jiu jitsu and the ambition of visiting every country in the world!

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